Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Pea Coat

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Pea Coats. I've always admired them, but at the same time never really took to them. Recently in the Topman sale I came across this borg collared one, and if you've seen my previous posts than you know; I'm loco crazy when it comes to borg. 

As pea coats are timeless, I can see myself wearing this coat for a very long time. It's also black so it won't go out of style! The best part about it? It only cost £30 - so if you see any in there, make sure to grab it while you can.

I paired the coat with a speckled black, grey and white knit jumper, from Primark. Again another bargain, and a timeless classic. My new favourite Cheap Monday jeans (which you can see a more in-depth post here). And of course my beloved Chelsea boots.

If you prefer reading more piece centered pieces, rather than general ootd's let me know, as I've been recently trying to mix it up a little. Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Recently I have fallen in love with Instagram. I really appreciate the way some people can create such stunning visuals, with an iPhone camera! The general aesthetic of accounts I like to follow is white. I love the way it looks overall, how fresh and clean it is. I've put together a top 5 of my current favourite accounts to follow. Enjoy!

@rodrigo_ //
Has a style of account that I haven't come across before. The pictures are mainly pictures of desks - it sounds extremely boring, but is fascinating. It's a really nice account to follow, and again gives me inspiration for making my life more organised.

@cupofcouple //
One of my favourite blogs; Mike & Gabi also are in the top-end of my favourite Instagrams list! Their posts feel like an extension from their blog, which is everything I love.

@piggyandpolly //
White aesthetic and Frenchies. Is there anything more I can ask for. It's nice to scroll through Instagram, and suddenly see these little bundles of joy popping up.

@z.effrey //
A cool kid, with impeccable style. He is also based down-under, so it's refreshing to see pictures of a landscape that I've never seen before.

@rileyandfranklin //
Again another bulldog Instagram account. Hey, I'll be the first to say; I'm obsessed. This time bought to you by the lovely Sammi, from Beautycrush.

@juliaadang //
The lovely Julia from TheLineUp, has got that Stockholm style going on, and her Instagram proves that. Her lifestyle is everything I hope mine to be!

Let me know of some of your favourite Instagram accounts. Feel free to check mine out also @nik.jamess!
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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cheap Monday Styling

A revelation like the one I am going to talk about today, hasn't happened on this blog in a very long time. I'm not wearing Topman jeans! A couple of days ago a took a trip into Urban Outfitters and managed to persuade myself to pick up a pair of new jeans. I got the tight jeans in black from Cheap Monday, which is a brand I've always loved. Their jeans are much better quality than Topman's, and they don't stretch as much around the knees. They are more expensive, but I feel it's worth paying the extra bit, as you won't have to keep re-stocking when the jeans start to loose elasticity.

As we have been experiencing a lot of rainy weather recently, I decided to wear my parka. Parkas and I have always had a love-hate relationship, as I feel they can either be done well, or look very cheap. Despite this I feel a Parka is an essential in anyone's wardrobe as they never go out of style, and are so warm! I managed to pick this one up in Topman a couple of years ago, and it's definitely passed the test of time as I wear it nearly everyday. My bomber jacket (which I'm sure you have seen before) is also from Topman.

Open is a store that has recently been popping up all over the UK (blogged about previously here), and luckily enough one has come to Bristol. I picked up this casual style white shirt from their. I've been looking for a casual white shirt for a while, and the material of this one really makes it feel less dressy. It was only around £20, which for a shirt is not bad.

My Chelsea boots are from H&M and have been such a staple in my wardrobe. They are so comfy and easy to style, as they are a very chic but simple shoe. If you'd like to see a post similar to the previous Chelsea boot 101, on this pair then let me know!
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom

For me personally I've always stuck to aftershaves, that have a musky tone to them. I guess naturally I just prefer heavier scents. However it's not something you always feel like wearing. They can be quite overpowering. I really enjoy fresh, lighter scents as well, although it can be hard to come across ones that aren't too sweet. And that's where Freedom comes into the equation.

I love the Tommy Hilfiger aftershaves, as they are always unique I feel. Not necessarily an acquired taste, but just different to what is typically on offer. The Freedom scent is a recent purchase and I've fallen in love with it. As of recently I've been dreaming of summer, and I have a feeling that this fragrance may have something to do with it. It has a very fresh vibe to it, and reminds me of cucumber water! I'm no professional at describing scents so here are the notes.

Top notes //
Basil, Gree Leaves

Mid notes //
Orange Blossom, Corriander, Ginger

Base notes //
Vetiver, Sandalwood

It's a really great scent, and I feel that it would make a brilliant gift for someone - so keep your eyes out for it!
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Winter Warmer Outfit

The weather is getting colder and colder, and on the day we chose to shoot this outfit, it was freezing. I'm sure you've heard me say many a time, layering is key people! For this warmer outfit, I wore a ringer tee from American Apparel, underneath my jumper. I love the ringer tees from American Apparel, as they are really soft, great-quality, and only £14! Impressed. 

Over that I wore a quilted knit jumper from Urban Outfitters, which again you can't really see, but I've done a post on it that you can check out here. I love this jumper, as it is so incredibly comfortable, and is extremely insulating. It's not actually from Urban Outfitters own brand, it's from the Indigo & Maine brand. I've bought pieces from them before and I love their whole collection. All of their clothes pretty much define my style. Typically they are all monochromatic pieces, with some minimal designs, like the jumper I'm wearing, but there are also much more edgier designs, which are extremely easy to incorporate into my own style.

And of course the routine of my outfits, the borg lined denim jacket (Topman), and the leather Chelsea boot (ASOS). I've recently been finding that the bigger the scarf, the better. This one is from Topman, and is the softest thing I've ever felt. My friend can't resist stroking it, whenever I wear it haha! It's so easy to just throw on, and really helps create a very, smart looking outfit.
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Blogging Routine | Content

As of recently I've been reading a lot of these types of posts. I find them so helpful. Everyone has priorities in their life - and in the blogosphere ideally their main priority would be blogging. But for many people this is unfortunately, not the case. 

I'm heading towards my final exams this year, so being able to balance, revision, coursework, homework, with running a blog, is no easy feat. However, with my year of blogging under my arm, I've definitely learnt a few tips worth sharing.

Schedule //
When first starting a blog the idea of scheduling my seem a bit manufactured or false. At least that's what I thought when I started. But to me scheduling posts is the more professional thing to do. It lets your readers know what time and what day, they can expect you to post. It also helps with keeping a consistent amount of content going up on your blog. I tend to schedule my posts for Wednesdays, and Sundays at 7:00. Dependent on where the majority of your readership are from (Goggle Analytics is key for finding out that!), changes the time at which you should upload. 7:00 am works best for me, as the majority of my readership is from the UK.

Pre-Write Posts //
Along with scheduling posts, pre-writing posts in bulk helps a lot with consistency. I generally like to create a post when an idea pops into my head. Although, it can be hard to just wait around for these moments. So what I prefer to do, is create a mind-map of lots of ideas for posts, then I will write a load in bulk. I tend to do this on weekends, or whenever I have holidays. That way when I have to give a lot of my time to school work, I don't have to worry about whether or not content is going up on my blog.

Text Before Pictures, Or Vice-Versa //
I used to stick to this rule, that I couldn't write a post until I had taken the pictures for it. Honestly, I can't really justify it. It just made sense in my head. Now I tend to write the post whenever I can, and then take the pictures whenever I get the chance. I have found this to be a much more efficient way to creating posts, as it gives me motivation to finish. Whereas before, I could get tired of waiting for the perfect opportunity to take the photo, which would end up with me forgetting about the idea.

If you'd like to see a post focused more on my blog photography, let me know!
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Sunday, 8 February 2015

NIKJAMESS x Closet Space

I have a very exciting post to share with you guys. Recently I got asked by the lovely people from Closet Space to write an article on styling denim jackets. If you've been following this blog for awhile, I'm sure you will have realised my love for denim jackets. So I felt this was a very appropriate article for me to write. 

The article is now live! Please make sure to head over and check it out here. Also leave a comment on the article, letting me know what you think.
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