Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Macbook Switch

I've been using windows PC since I was a little boy. I've never been blown away by the capabilities of windows, however it hasn't disappointed either. On the other hand I've always been in awe of apple, and more specifically their MacBooks. Finally, after literally 5 years of pining after one, I made the plunged and purchased a MacBook Pro.

I've only been using the machine for a couple of days,  but I think I can solidly say that I am never going back! The software makes the blogging process so much swifter and neater. I feel like it's much more realistic for me to be able to be putting out more content now. If you're in the market for a new laptop, I would highly recommend getting a mac especially if you're a blogger. The creative capabilities of MacBooks are hard to beat.

I'm no expert when it comes to the mechanisms of the computers, but for aperture use - I am very pleased.
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring Transitions

SPRING! I think we can finally say it feels like spring has arrived. In England the weather is still as bipolar as ever, but with many more sunny days. I find when it gets warmer, it's harder to style outfits as I'm all about layering and jumpers, jackets, coats - it's a hard knock life. Despite the weather, I cannot just leave my coats behind and that's when I stumbled across this beauty.I've been looking at mac coats for such a long time, I've always loved the casual-smartness they have going on. Mac coats are so easy for tying outfits together, as you can dress them up or down. I picked this one up in Burton, which is a surprise for me as I've never liked their clothes. I've always found them to be over-pricecd and not very nice. But this mac was such a bargain. I love it as it is very high quality material, and has a very rigid structure which makes it look much more expensive then it was. I've even managed to gain some 'is that a Burberry' remarks, so Burton is doing something right!The weather on this day was very casual to England. Sunny, but overcast. Therefore, the temperature was changing constantly. The mac is a great transitional coat as it kept me warm throughout the day, but as it's so lightweight I wasn't getting stuffy and uncomfortable.I also just wanted to say sorry for the post going up a bit later - I've finally switched to a Macbook (all of the macs are being mentioned in this post!), don't worry a post will be coming Wednesday.
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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New Music Discovery | Ibeyi

Just last weekend I was sitting at my desk 'attempting' revision (aka opening a book, looking at the pages, then closing the book - you know the drill). I was listening to music on spotify, and looked at the recommend artists. I never really acknowledged these, as they are usually not very good. However, one of the artists names intrigued me. Ibeyi. Possibly the best thing I've done online, has been discovering these beauties.

Iebyi are a French-Cuban musical duo, consisting of twin sisters, Lisa-Kainde Diaz and Naomi Diaz. Their music is a a pure delight to listen to. If you're familiar of the eclectic style of Alt-J, then you will love Iebyi (pronounced ee-bee-ee). I've completely fallen in love with them, as their music is so refreshing. It's unlike anything I have heard before.

They sing in English and Yoruba, which is such a beautiful language. Honestly their music is infectious, it feels so genuine and raw. My favourite thing is that it doesn't feel forced, it feels real and you can really begin to understand the depth and emotions theses two girls put into their music.

Their debut album Iebyi is out now, definitely make sure to listen to it on spotify. Here are my favourites:

Think Of You
Mama Says
Stanger / Lover

Please let me know what you think of these girls, I would love to start a discussion about them!
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Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Sweater Collection

As spring is rapidly approaching, and last weekend we saw our first glimmer of it, I thought I would dedicate a post to some spring staples. Because the weather gets warmer we start to layer up, as in England spring is like the season that is considered a hormonal teenager. One minute it's too hot (hot damn), the next minute it's freezing. And this is where the beloved sweaters come into play. When it's hot, take it off. When it's cold again, put it back on again.
The first sweater is from Urban Outfitters, but is from the brand Indigo & Maine. I've mentioned my love for Indigo & Maine previously on this blog before. It really embodies my style, it's edgy, monochrome, filled with ripped jeans and bomber jackets, so for me, there isn't anything to dislike. I love this sweater as it's a really great cut. It cut with a silhouette of the body, but has some room in it which is nice. It's also incredibly soft. Wearing black a lot can come across as boring or dull, but this sweater kind of revives that as it has this geometric quilted pattern across it. This really helps give an outfit some texture, and breaks it up a little.
The next sweater I have is more casual. It's a cable-knit pattern, which is classic, but surprisingly is perfect for this sort of weather. It's not very thick, and has a lot of extra material which means it doens't cling to the body. It's a very slouchy fit, but still remains looking smart. I picked this one up from Topman, however I've seen some really nice ones in H&M recently.
And finally the speckled one. A simple grey sweater, that is peppered with detail. My favourite thing about this sweater! The knit is very thick, so as the light but chilly spring air comes into play, this one is definitely going to become a staple. Another bonus is that it only cost £12. I picked up in Primark a couple of months ago, so I can't be sure that they still stock them. However, I've seen very similar ones in Topman.

Let me know if you liked this style of post. I've really enjoyed creating it, and I'd love to do it again; maybe with shoes or my coats.
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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Blogging Routine #2 | Photography

This is the second part of my little Blogging Routine series (you can see the first part here). I wanted to dedicate the second post to my blog photography. I really enjoy taking pictures for my blog, therefore I thought some of you may find this helpful!

I personally feel that blog photography can either make, or break a blog. Not only is content extremely important, but the photography is to. I like to consider it just as important as the content of the post.

The Instrument //
I take all my blog pictures on a Canon 600D. And I love it. It's the perfect camera for people who want to get into photography, but don't know a lot about SLRs. I unfortunately know nothing about them, so I've always stuck to the AF setting and I always shoot on the Macro mode.. However, as of recent I've been playing around with using the MF setting, as well as changing the iSO, aperture etc. It's a great camera to learn with.

A major tip when buying cameras though, is to look around for a long time! The prices vary so much. I saw the 600D in stores for something crazy like £600, then I had a look online and only paid around £250. Although, if you're buying online make sure to check the site is legitimate - you don't want to invest a lot of money and get nothing from it.

Lighting //
A lot of bloggers like to use artificial lighting. Personally? I hate it. I really dislike the way artificial lighting looks, but of course it is necessary sometimes. I've used it before, as living in the UK, the amount of light we have in a day is very limited. That's why I always try my hardest to take pictures around 11-1 O'clock, as I find this is when the lighting it usually at it's best.

Lighting again is another thing that can be expensive. There is no need to invest in softbox lighting in my opinion. I just have a small attachable light that was only £25! Softbox lighting can creep upwards from £100, so I wouldn't recommend it, unless you are going to use it frequently.

Equipment //
Aside from my camera I don't use a lot of other equipment. Although there are a few pieces that have come in very handy. I have a tripod, which I purchased from Amazon for something crazy like £12, and I'm so pleased with it. It has a little spirit meter, making it so much easier to tell if the tripod is balanced. Tripods again, are another one of those items that can be ridiculously expensive. I would not recommend buying them instore as they always have very expensive price tags. There is no need to get a 'good' tripod. To me a tripod is a camera mount, and there is only so much you can do to make it better. So as long as it's heavy enough to ensure it doesn't fall over, you're good to go.

Another item that has come in very handy, is the little gem that is my camera remote. A very simple and affordable item (again purchased from Amazon, as the prices are very low). There aren't many times I personally need to use this, however if you're tired of pestering friends, or relatives to take pictures of yourself, then the remote and your tripod are your new best friends! It makes it so much easier to take pictures, without having to keep running back and forth to check if you are in focus. And their so inexpensive.

Finally a piece that is crucial. The SD card. Or in simpler terms, the memory card. This is one item I feel it's okay to splurge on. If you've invested in a good camera, then you need a good SD card to get the best from the camera. I've had ones that aren't SanDisk before, and I've found that you can literally only take one or two photos in full HD, then the rest will have to be lower quality. It can seem odd spending something like £20 on a little card, but it makes your life a whole lot easier.

Congratulations if you've made it this far; I really hope you enjoyed this second installment to the Blogging Routine series. I have one more post planned on what I like to call post-production. The final part of my blogging routine, which is all about editing the photos for the post. If you'd like to see the post-production post, let me know!
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Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Herschel Bag

 I have been meaning to write the post for a very long time now. I've owned this bag for over a year and it has served me very well. I use this bag everyday during school, so it's been through a lot. Despite this, there is yet to be any signs of the fabric fraying, or colour fading - so I'm really pleased.One of the things that has come in so handy with this backpack, is the amount it can hold. Despite not seeming any bigger than a normal backpack, I feel it can carry a considerable amount. Which makes it perfect for travelling.I'm also obsessed with the style of it. It's so simple - black material with gold hardware, but I love it. It goes with everything, and is really comfortable to.It is a little pricey - however, due to the quality of the backpack I definitely think it is justifiable.
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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

La Roche-Posay or the Holy Grail?

As a normal teenager spots and blemishes are a daily struggle. Especially since I am heading towards my final set of exams, which means stress levels are high. And because I'm only human, stress equals spots. A cruel fate, I must say. Lucky I have rediscovered an old love of mine, which has completely cleared up my skin.

A little background information. Up until my final year of secondary school my skin has always been relatively clear. Of course I got the occasional spot, but I never saw it as problem. However, as mentioned earlier, crank up the stress levels and say hello to my little friends (my little friends are spots by the way...although they are most certainly not my friends). When my face started breaking out severely I decided to combat it with the Clinique anti-blemish clearing gel (which I have previously blogged about here). The way the clearing gel works is by bringing the spot to a head. I didn't like this, as it seemed to me that you had to make the spot worse, to get it better. That's when I stumbled across the La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I.

It works differently to the clearing gel. As opposed to bringing the spot to a head, it reduces redness and inflammation. Which results in a quicker clear up. It has really improved the overall state of my skin, and I'm extremely pleased with it. Not too mention it is so cheap! Whereas the clearing gel was pricier. 

Let me know if you've tried the Effaclar A.I, or if you have any recommendations of spot treatments that work for you!

If you'd like to check out the product, you can see it here.

Disclaimer: I was not contacted by any PR companies to review this product. It was paid for with my own money, and all opinions are my own.
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