Sunday, 16 November 2014

Style Focus | Topman

Hello's been a while. I'm sorry for the lack of posts as off recently, but my exams are coming in thick and fast, which means - unfortunately - revision is taking top priority. Not too fear, after next week my exams are over, and I can finally return fully to the blogosphere! Which I'm very excited for. Anyways, on with the post.

The weather in England has definitely gotten a lot colder, and of course, because it's England, has gotten rainier. Therefore it's been so much easier to style outfits, as once again, layering has become key. I find simple knit jumpers, like this burgundy one I'm wearing, have turned into a staple throughout the colder months. They are so easy to style, and really keep you warm.

I've also been wearing my denim jacket an awful lot more, as I really enjoy playing with different textures during Autumn/Winter, and denim is one of the easiest, as you can work it into your wardrobe so easily! I've been eyeing up a borg-lined corduroy jacket, which you will be seeing very soon. Borg-lined jackets have been popping up everywhere, and I'm excited to show how I like to style them.

Again, as it's England, the Chelsea boots have been out nearly everyday, as they are extremely comfortable, and are waterproof. Stylish, and practical. These are the two of my favourite things. Of course, my black stretch-skinny jeans have came out to play. They are so damn comfortable!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, then I'm sure you won't be surprised to know, that every single item I am wearing is from, you guessed it. Topman. I find that Topman really excel with their Autumn/Winter range.

Let me know any pieces that are a staple in your wardrobe, as we head into the colder months! Thanks for reading,


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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Shake Shack

 Just like with my post on The Breakfast Club. It's now my turn to review, the heavily talked, hyped, and blogged about. Shake Shack. For me Shake Shack was also an experience. First of all Shake Shack is set in one of my childhood favourite places, Covent Garden. I love Covent Garden around this time of year, I can always rely on it to boost my Christmas morale (It's rare that I ever need a boost, as Christmas is my favourite time of year). We visited very recently, and of course the Christmas decorations were already up. I wasn't complaining. At first my friends and I, found it hard to locate Shake Shack. We almost walked right by it. It's in some ways hidden away, as it's not very in your face. This is where it either gets exciting, or tedious.

To order your cheesy goodness, you have to queue around the back of the place. You will be given a menu, and queue, just like at school, waiting for you school meal. Depending on who you are, exciting or tedious. Once you've ordered you get given one of those, bleepy-buzzer-robot-demons (I'm joking, they aren't robot demons...). I found this rather strange, however I guess it made for a more organised approach, to receiving your food. So we sat down, and luckily my bleepy-buzzer-robot-demon was the first to go off! I got my food, and the pure sight of it was enough to make me scream 'PINCH ME!'. Somehow, I managed to restrain myself.

The thing that sold me, was the cheesy-chips. They weren't noticeably or incredibly tasty, I think it was more the indulgent factor. Because you could tell that after a meal at Shake Shack, you're booking a gym session. I was thoroughly impressed with the chips, as it felt so much like a guilty pleasure (although, perhaps that was because it was my third burger, that week). And then the burger. Now I have to say, when I started eating the burger, which was after inhaling the chips, it was in fact cold. I find that when food is cold, it generally looses a lot of it's flavour. Therefore the burger just felt like a load of textures in my mouth. There wasn't much flavour going on. I was willing to look past this, as the price of the whole meal, is what sealed the deal. Around £8.00 for the whole meal! Which may sound a lot, but if you're familiar with London, then I'm sure you are able to appreciate this pricing.

All in all, I would suggest that if you are ever near a shake shack, you should try it out, as I've heard extremely mixed reviews, and feel it's all down to personal experience. Let me know if you have ever been to Shake Shack, and what you thought about it! Thanks for reading,

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Camel Coat

Today I wanted to share with you, one of my new favourite pieces in my wardrobe. The Camel Coat. I've loved Camel Coats for a very long time, but have never really seen a way that I personally, could work it into my wardrobe. Recently Yanin, from IDressMyselff, created a post all about Camel and Beige pieces, and how she likes to style them. With Yanin in mind, I went on a hunt and managed to find this beauty from Topman. I actually found styling this Camel Coat quite easy, as it becomes the focal point of an outfit. 

For my trip to Covent Garden I decided to wear a new pair of black jeans that I picked up from, again Topman. I actually prefer the fit of these jeans, to the ones I usually get from H&M. These are the Stretch-Skinny fit. They are perfect if, like me you don't like the look of skin-tight jeans, but still want a cut close to the body. I also managed to get my hands on a pair of these Chelsea Boots, which I've been wearing non-stop since I got them. They were only £25 in the sale (of course, at Topman). I was really pleased, as these Chelsea Boots in particular, have a beige-toned sole. A beige-toned sole is much better if you are going for a more casual look. Whereas a black-toned sole, can dress up an outfit and make it even smarter. A little tip for you there! And finally my jumper is from, believe it or not, Primark. I found this there last year, so I'm not too sure if they still have them in-stock.

Sorry for being M.I.A, for the past week. My exams are starting very soon, so revision is unfortunately becoming my main priority. But do not fear, I'm still taking the time to create posts, that I think you will enjoy reading! 

Let me know some of your favourite shops, as I seem to be sticking to Topman a bit too much. Thanks for reading,

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Paul Canary Wharf

I wanted to share with you guys, a little Parisian style cafe I found, when exploring London. Recently I took a trip to London, and stayed in Canary Wharf. I would highly recommend staying in Canary Wharf if you're planning a trip to London soon, as it's the perfect position geographically. It's not right in the central, so isn't always filled with people, however throughout the week it has the hustle and bustle of all the business people. Every so often I had to remind myself, that I wasn't on Wall Street, and wasn't Jordan Belfort, because that's how Canary Wharf makes you feel (without the drugs of course). Canary Wharf is also great if you enjoy London shopping, but despise the craziness that is Oxford Street, as it has it's own underground maze of shops. Canary Wharf is the definition of 'Business in the front, Party in the back'.

In the underground Mall area, we stumbled upon this Parisian style cafe, called Paul. It looked so out of place, but sometimes that's what you need when in London. Stepping into Paul made me feel like I was indeed in Paris, as all the delicacies were typical French foods. They had macaroons, pain au chocolat, and the biggest meringue I've ever seen. Of course I had to buy the meringue. And I am happy to report, that it is also the nicest meringue I've ever tasted. Despite it's size, I managed to eat it all, as it was so light in texture. It also had just the right amount of a fresh raspberry taste! If you are looking for something more substantial, there is a wide array of sandwiches, and breads on offer, that looked delicious. I was very impressed with what this tiny little cafe had to offer.

I love seeing cafes, bars, and restaurants that have a theme inspired by a different country, and it feels authentic. You could really feel the authenticity of Paul, and I will definitely be returning.

Also If you would like to read a more in-depth post, about what outfit I was wearing, you can check it out here.

Please recommend any geographically inspired places that you love, as I would like to visit some more! Thanks for reading,

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Branching Out From Black Jeans

Today I wanted you guys to rejoice, as guess what?  I'M NOT WEARING BLACK JEANS!  Okay, well kind of.  In the pictures they do look black, however, I'll have you know, these in fact are 'off-black'.  Basically a very ashy-dark grey coloured wash.  I've fallen in love with them.  I am very particular about what wash and fit of jeans I get, but these stretch slim ones from Topman, were perfect for me.  Black jeans are my safety net, and I feel uncomfortable in anything else, but I really want to start, branching out.  I'm taking baby steps!

I'm sure you've seen a similar combination on my blog before, but I'm wearing a simple plain-white-tee from Topman, my aviator style bomber jacket, also from Topman.  And on my feet, another obsession of mine, my New Balance 420s.  I love these as they are so comfy, but provide really great support.  I love going for more simple looks, as I feel it gives you a sense of sophistication. Understated outfits are always my favourite, as you can't go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed seeing me wear a very daring new pair of jeans (I hope the sarcasm is sensed)!  Thank you for reading, 


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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wardrobe Inspiration?

Recently I've noticed myself getting into a bit of a rut with my wardrobe. I just feel like I've warn everything a million times, and generally feeling uninspired. I get into this routine about twice a year, usually during the transitional months. Spring/Autumn. The situation can either go one way or another. I will go out, and buy everything I see, becoming broke and stranded in a pool of clothing, that I don't really like. Or I will be smart and try to pick up some inspiration, throughout the next couple of weeks. 

I want to tell you guys about the latter method, as this is what I find most useful, and efficient. Typically I would go into town, look at what some people are wearing, go into stores and see what's on the campaigns, note some of my favourites down on my phone. This is a nice way of doing things, but it can sometimes be an impractical way of getting some inspiration, as we don't always have the time to just spend our days people-watching. And this is where the fashion Gods answered our prayers. The Mallzee App. 

I discovered The Mallzee App fairly recently, and I've been on it everyday since my discovery. It's in some ways a fashion social media, and provides a condensed form of inspiration for whatever you desire. My favourite feature of the app is definitely, the Style Feed. I've created copious feeds. The way it works is by, filling in certain criteria of what you are looking for. Brands, colours, price-range and types of clothing. Once you've filled that in, hey-presto! All the hard work is done for you. The little Mallzee robots run around the internet and gather together the criteria you entered, and condense it down into a feed of potential new wardrobe staples.

Mallzee is honestly such a convenient and easy way to get some inspiration, and change up your wardrobe. It's so much easier than going to each specific website, and browsing through. Mallzee does all the tedious work for you, and gets you the results. If you want to give The Mallzee App ago, you can download it here. It's free! 

Let me know if you've downloaded the app! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and trying out the Mallzee app, thanks for reading,


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and photographs are my own, unless stated otherwise.
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumnal Favourite Pieces

Todays outfit is definitely one of my favourites. It's perfect for this transition into winter, as it's layered, therefore meaning I am free to shed a few layers if it begins to warm up, yet I'm also able to remain warm when it starts to get colder. At the moment we are going through a very awkward time in regard to getting dressed weather appropriately, as it's constantly changing, throughout the day. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to getting your outfits weather fit, although I have managed to find a simple tip, that can really help.

Layers have saved me, time and time again. They make life that tiny bit easier. It was definitely colder on this day, however I knew I was going to be in and out of rooms, therefore I needed something that would accommodate to warm and cooler temperatures. To achieve this I wore my light grey Rib Jumper, from Topman. This has definitely became a staple in my wardrobe as it's lightweight, but extremely easy to layer. Over the top I wore my Denim Jacket, which is also from Topman. Again, another staple in my wardrobe, I feel a Denim Jacket should be a staple in anyones wardrobe, as they are so versatile to any style. You can make them look grungy, by having an oversized, distressed one. A highstreet feel, by getting a lighter wash, a punk vibe using the darker washes. So many choices! I like to go with a slightly oversized jacket, as this way I can wear it as a type of coat. My scarf is, you guessed it, also from Topman. I really love this scarf as it goes with everything, and has a lovely houndstooth/prince of wales tartan design, which is rather unusal but very stylish and understated. 

For the bottom half of my outfit, I decided to wear my black, slim-fit jeans as I am not a fan of skin tight jeans on myself. I feel they can sometimes look a bit tacky, however the right fit can look good. Of course I chose to wear my black, high-top converse, as I don't think I could live without these. Stylish, and extremely comfy!

I hope you enjoyed reading this outfit post, let me know some of your favourite pieces this autumn! Thanks for reading,


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